Bao Fu Ling All-In-One Skin Rescue Cream - 150G

Bao Fu Ling All-In-One Skin Rescue Cream - 10G

Bao Fu Ling All-In-One Skin Rescue Cream - 30G

Bao Fu Ling All-In-One Skin Rescue Cream - 60G

Musk Patch

Bao Fu Ling Ben Cao Muscle
and Joint Muscle Relief Roll-On - 50ML

Dr Wang G + Root 3-in-1 Body Comfort Gift Set

Dr. Wang G+ Root Super Spray Relief

Dr. Wang GTH Root Chinese Herbal Ointment

G+ Root Super-Relief Patch Energy+

G+ Root & Chamomile (Relieving) Essential Oil Gel Roll-on

G+ Root & Desmodium Oldhamii (Refreshing) Essential Oil Roll-On


Holistic healing
Exclusive distributor of holistic health brands

Our Mission

To unify the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and natural healing industry in Singapore by integrating software, education, community and curating the best selection of holistic health products across the widest range of distribution channels.

We believe strongly in the approach of evangelism in marketing our products and aim to grow the business by duplicating the success model that we have established through focusing on one brand at a time. 

Where it all Began

Our History

Our story began in 2015. Back then, we were the sole distributor of Bao Fu Ling’s key product and started off with roadshows at multiple locations in residential areas and malls. In just six months, we opened our flagship Bao Fu Ling store in one of the most strategic shopping centres in Singapore’s Chinatown. Today, we are privileged to connect with thousands of customers every day having established a wide distribution network of over 100 TCM stores, Yue Hwa Dept stores and Sheng Shiong supermarkets in Singapore. In addition, our products are currently sold on multiple established ecommerce and social media platforms. 



Started distributing Bao Fu Ling's key products in Singapore through roadshows and pop up stores.

Received the Asian honesty award as Asia's Best Choice.

Bao Fu Ling key products entered Yue Hwa Departmental Stores.


Opening of Bao Fu Ling's flagship store.

Entered multiple independent TCM stores.


Bao Fu Ling made available at multiple Sheng Siong Supermarket locations.


Expanded Bao Fu ling product range to include Bao Fu Ling Ben Cao Muscle and Joint Pain Relieve Roll-On, Bao Fu Ling Musk Patch and Cistanche Pu'er Tea.


Established online and e-commerce presence through social media and e-commerce platforms, and live steams, leading to 80% surge in total sales.


Acquired exclusive distributorship of Taiwan's top and most premium pain relief brand: Dr Wang GTH (王大夫一条根) in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our Products

We have always believed in connecting people with products that come with a story - long history, established brand, trusted for generations, highly sought-after products that helps people and saves lives. It’s our goal for all of our products to engage the community through people stories, uplifting and saving lives with integrity, ethical sourcing practices and strong purpose.

Our Stores

At present, our products are distributed across over 100 retail stores, 90% of which specialise in TCM. We have also established ourselves through e-commerce, having actively reached out to the Singapore online community through social media, livestreaming and online shopping platforms. We aim to continue focusing on community engagement through strategically growing our network of retail stores and online distribution channels exponentially. We also aim to continue developing our own unique physical and online spaces to maximise community outreach where people can come together to enjoy better quality of life.


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