Bao Fu Ling's Story

Bao Fu Ling is a brand passed down by many generations, with their key product, Bao Fu Ling All-In-One Skin Rescue Cream creating a huge sensation across many Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and more due to its effectiveness.

Formulated by Yantai Baofuling Biotechnology Co., Ltd, China

Made in accordance to Singapore’s Safety Standards

All Bao Fu Ling products are made in accordance to Singapore’s safety regulations to ensure that no prohibited ingredients are present and is safe for usage.
HSA notifications and lab tests are done regularly to ensure that there is no prohibited ingredient and product is safe for use.

Test report for Diphenhydramine


Test report for heavy metals (arsenic lead, cadmium, mercury & dexamethasone)

Read more on Singapore’s Poisons Act below:

Quality Assurance

Exclusive Distributor - For sale of all
Bao Fu Ling Products in Singapore

Embreis (S) Pte Ltd holds the exclusive distributorship for all Bao Fu Ling products in Singapore, ensuring that the rights of all consumers are safely guarded with our promise to uphold moral ethical responsibility.

The legacy

Flagship Store – First in the World

Moving from the usual factory to a retail store, Bao Fu Ling set up their first ever flagship store in Chinatown Point, Singapore.

The Breakthrough
– More than 100 retailers in Singapore

Starting with only one signature product, Bao Fu Ling made a breakthrough of retailing in more than 100 TCM Stores island wide in Singapore. Bao Fu Ling is also sold at Yue Hwa Chinese Departmental store, a renowned store for reliable Chinese products and selected Sheng Siong Supermarkets.

Bao Fu Ling's Products

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