Dr. Wang GTH

Founded in 1855 by Wang Teng, Dr. Wang GTH has always adhered to the core value of "benevolence and caring" and continued to care for the health and future of consumers for more than a century. Dr. Wang GTH products are produced in accordance with "internationally recognised production and safety standards", and have passed ISO and SGS certifications. At the same time, this brand insists on 100% local R&D and manufacturing in Taiwan to ensure optimal quality and reliability of the products.

Dr. Wang GTH currently has 10 business locations and self-operated e-commerce platforms across Taiwan, and co-operates with well-known cosmeceuticals, duty-free stores and flagship stores across prominent locations in Taiwan, so that customers get to purchase Dr. Wang GTH products through more diverse channels.

Led by the slogan "Wonderful Life", Dr. Wang GTH is committed to the practice of healthy and beautiful life.

Brand Story

In 1958, 100,000 troops were stationed in Kinmen during the war. Due to the dampness of the battlefield, soldiers often felt discomfort in their muscles and bones. The national army who fought bravely, needed urgent health care and medicine to last the battle.

The founder, Wang Teng, used roots from Kinmen’s native plant – Glycine Tomentella Hayata, to develop a medical formula that effectively relieved discomfort at affected areas, improving the lives of many soldiers. Wang Teng was eventually presented with the honour of “Special Physician for officers and soldiers”. The strong medical benefits of Glycine Tomentella Hayata, combined with traditional herbal essential oil extraction methods effectively soothed pain and restored vitality amongst the soldiers, giving the brand its name: Dr. Wang GTH 王大夫一条根 

Key Ingredient
- Glycine Tomentella Hayata

GTH is an endemic plant of Kinmen. Because of its rarity, GTH also has the name of “Korean ginseng” and is known for its relaxing and soothing effects.

Key Benefits of GTH

Soothes muscle pain and aches

Relieves Tension

Immediate Relief


Pure Ingredients - Organic Glycine Tomentalla Hayata from Kinmen

There are records of GTH planting and growth in the southwest coast of mainland Kinmen, but because of Kinmen's unique soil (latter soil) and severe climate, the growth period of GTH is as long as 30 months. Hence, it has the characteristics of rare yield and pure texture. In addition, the root of Kinmen is from the broad-leaved soybean family, which is specially selected and cultivated by the Kinmen Agricultural Research Institute. Therefore, our raw materials have a personal touch from Kinmen’s farmers and our products surpass those of our competitors in terms of quality and effectiveness.


Formulated in Kinmen, Taiwan - 100% Researched, Developed and Manufactured in Kinmen,Taiwan

To ensure that quality is not compromised when outsourcing, all ingredients and materials are sourced within Taiwan.


Quality Assurance
- GTH Acquisition Certificate

In order to continue supporting the cultivation of GTH, the Kinmen County government collaborates with farmers and restricts the acquisition and purchase of Kinmen GTH to strictly 5 companies (including Dr. Wang GTH) every year. Since planting GTH is no easy feat, the yield of harvested crops is decreasing substantially. Every year, Dr. Wang GTH is committed to purchasing a minimum of 400kg of GTH at premium prices higher than the current market rate to maintain stable production capacity, product quality and farmers' livelihoods.

Quality Assurance
- SGS and ISO9001 Certification

Dr. Wang GTH 王大夫一条根 products distributed exclusively by Embreis (S) Pte Ltd are produced according to international standards and have been tested by SGS. They are also globally recognised and have won many awards.

Exclusive Distributor
– For sale of all Dr. Wang GTH Products in Singapore

Embreis (S) Pte Ltd holds the exclusive distributorship for all Dr. Wang GTH products in Singapore, ensuring that the rights of all consumers are safely guarded with our promise to uphold moral ethical responsibility.

The Legacy

The only GTH Cultural Museum in the world

To show appreciation for the land of Kinmen, Dr. Wang GTH established the world’s only "GTH Cultural Museum" with their very own GTH fields and raw material extraction machines, which serves as an educational base for future generations by carrying on the cultural legacy of Kinmen GTH. 

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