Our Philosophy

In order to prevent brand dilution, we attain exclusive distributorship from the brands we carry to protect the rights of our brand owners and customers. With this exclusive distributorship agreement, we are committed to advocate for our range of products in a responsible and ethical way. Hence, the onus is on us to maintain and upkeep our brand owners’ reputation as well as provide our customers with authentic and high-quality products and customer service.  

  • As upholding ethical responsibility is fundamental to our business, we ensure that our products conform to Singapore’s safety regulations through the conducting of internal lab tests and obtaining clearances to ensure that your safety is not compromised. Ingredients are sourced through ethical means of natural ingredients with proven track record of safety and efficacy.
  • To continuously ensure that we have a substantial market share, we take a customer-centric approach and place emphasis on after sales services. Thus, we have gained the trust of our customers and are able to maintain our exclusive distributorship agreement.
  • Due to the rising popularity of the brands that we exclusively distribute, we wish to caution our customers that there is a surge of imitation products in the market. Imitation can come in the form of similar packaging and representation of marketing materials that seek to pass off as the original product.

    We hope to help our customers by educating them to be more discerning of the sources they buy from. You will know that you are purchasing an authentic product by careful observation of packaging details, measuring the quality of customer service and care you receive as well as level of quality assurance.
  • We do not condone online falsehood disseminating untrue information about our range of products on unauthorized websites or platforms, with no guarantee or responsibility over the rights of the brand and customers. We aim to continually educate customers on how to be discerning when making online purchases, to not fall prey to sellers who are unable to provide truthful and factual information about the source of the product. 

Read more on Singapore’s Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA): 

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